Community Resources

Care1st Health Plan Arizona, Inc. is committed to partnering with the communities we serve to deliver the high quality integrated healthcare. We work with a variety of community organizations to provide comprehensive up to date information on programs, services and resources to help our members improve and maintain their overall health.

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Sliding Fee Schedule Clinic Statewide
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AZ Suicide Prevention Coalition Statewide
National Suicide Prevention Hotline Nationwide
Teen Life Line Statewide

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Services Beyond Healthcare

Through WellCare Community Connections, you can connect to a wide range of services that help you live a better, healthier life.

WellCare Community Connections is Here For You

Everyone deserves to live the best life possible. Yet a lot of things can affect your ability to do that. A phone call to our Community Connections Help Line can match you with services. Plus it’s here for both WellCare members and non-members. Our Peer Coaches will listen to your challenges. They can refer you to more than 1.2 million resources – all over the country or right in your local area.

Call to get the help you need.

Program services vary depending on your needs, but may include:

  • Financial Assistance (utilities, rent)

  • Medication Assistance

  • Housing services

  • Transportation

  • Food assistance

  • Affordable childcare

  • Job/education assistance

  • Family Supplies – diapers, formula, cribs, and more