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H2017 & HQ Modifier

Date: 05/30/23

On May 16, 2023, AHCCCS confirmed modifier HQ – group setting, is now allowed to be billed with H2017 - Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services per 15 Minutes. The change is back dated to 1/1/2022.   

Effective immediately and for claims not yet submitted, when billing H2017, please carefully evaluate if it should be billed with the HQ modifier to indicate services were rendered in a group setting.

Regarding H2017 services rendered in a group setting that were billed without the HQ modifier, you may submit corrected claims.  We are also evaluating and may provide additional direction once analysis of previously submitted claims is complete.  

AzCH providers and staff:

If you have questions, please contact your AzCH Provider Engagement Specialist. If you need your assigned Provider Engagement Specialist’s contact information, please email us at

Care1st providers and staff:

If you have questions, please call Provider Network Operations at 1-866-560-4042 (Options in order: 5, 7) or email