Office of Individual and Family Affairs (OIFA)

The Care1st Office of Individual and Family Affairs (OIFA) promotes recovery, resiliency and wellness for individuals with mental health and substance use challenges. Everyone on our team has lived experience of receiving behavioral health services or has supported a family member that receives services and has experience navigating our system of care. We all carry a message of wellness achieved! OIFA can help you and your family through engagement, education, support, collaboration and advocacy.

Feedback from our members and families is important to us! Your participation on decision making committees lets us hear directly from those that are receiving behavioral health services. Do you have ideas that can make your services better? Reach out to OIFA to find out more.

Learn More About OIFA

You can learn more about the Care1st OIFA team and what we do by reaching out to OIFA@care1staz.com or calling our department directly at 1 (480) 205-2305.

Some Helpful Resources

Join Our Member Advocacy Council!

Do you have ideas about making healthcare better for you and your community? If so, think about joining the Care1st Member Advocacy Council (MAC).

Council members share ideas about improving member satisfaction, healthcare policies and programs, access to healthcare services, community resources and more!

The council is a great way to serve your community and learn more about healthcare advocacy!

Reach out to our OIFA team to learn more about the MAC by emailing: OIFA@care1staz.com!